Fear of Take Off and Landing

It's rather easy to understand why someone would be afraid of taking off and landing. It is during take off and landing that you feel the most forces from an airplane. Taking off can make your tummy rumble, and you may feel like you're being dragged faster than you would like to. This is necessary for the plane to take off though.

You may also fear landing because you just don't think the plane will touch the runway at just the right time. Or you may think the airplane will tilt or land at a slant position and end up rolling over into a fiery ball.

That would be frightening. But the reality is that you are 10,000,000 to 1 chances of ever dying in an airplane. That means if you were to fly everyday of the year, it would take 26,000 years before it would be your time to die. That's a very long time.

Chances are very high that your fear is based on something you watched in a movie or something you just imagine. It's all in your head. Thousands of people fly every week and they feel perfectly safe. The best thing you can do for yourself is stop imagining possibilities and think of probabilities. The probabilities are very high that you will get to where you're going.

Having negative thoughts won't help you one bit. How would you feel if everyday you drove you felt like a mad man would drive right into you? That would make driving unpleasant. The same goes with flying, stop imagining and just sit back and think of something else. Think of how you're going to land and how you're going to arrive at your destination.

If taking off and landing are a problem, don't think about anything when taking off or landing. Carry a good book with you on the airplane and start reading before you're told to tighten your seat belts. Read your book and think about that instead of the plane taking off or landing.

Lastly, trust the airline industry. If flying wasn't so safe you wouldn't have millions of people flying every year. People know that flying today is safe and that's why they fly every year. Think about the facts of flying, which state that flying today is safer than ever. Even after the events of September 11th, airline safety has been increased, and September 11th made them necessary.