Fear of Flying DVD

Do you get nervous on planes?

Do the palms of your hands begin to sweat at the thought of flying?

Do you feel anxious about inflight turbulence?

Do you hate the takeoff and landing?

Do you experience a sense of panic when flying through clouds?

Are you so afraid of flying that you can't fly at all?

If you answered 'YES' to any of those questions you need a copy of this brand new DVD


where we give you the facts and show how you can remove your fear of flying for once and for all.

The DVD is presented by two Airline Captains who talk you through a complete flight; showing you how and why the aircraft stays up in the air(the secret lies in the shape of the wings, not the engines) as well as explaining all the many safety features on board.

You will learn how a plane works, why it is safer (much safer) than driving a car and exactly what happens in different weather conditions. It's like having an expert talk you through the whole flight, whilst you sit next to him or her on the flight deck.

The Captains will also show you how bad weather and turbulence is avoided and why you should never worry about either of these natural occurrences.

Watch CURE YOUR FEAR OF FLYING before departure so you can be relaxed and confident as you takeoff and really enjoy your flight, maybe for the first time ever.

This broadcast quality DVD is presented by a husband and wife team. Captain Jonathan Curd has over 10,000 flying hours with many years of training experience both on planes and helicopters. Captain Jessica Curd is an experienced pilot having been an instructor and a night freight pilot before becoming a Captain on the Airbus A319 320 321.

The DVD was filmed by an ex BBC crew. The camera man has even flown with and filmed the Red Arrows.

With the endorsement of the UK major airline bmi, the two Captains show you around the outside of an Airbus A320 at bmi's engineering hangar located at London Heathrow Airport. In a relaxed and professional manner all major components such as the engines, wings, flight controls, landing gear, and brakes are looked at in detail.

There is some fantastic air to air footage of a brand new Airbus A319 (G-DBCA). This is bmi's first A319 and the filming took place over southern France just before the plane was delivered to London Heathrow.

Join these Airline Captains in the multi-million pound, full motion Airbus simulator. This simulator is the actual one used every day to train and test airline pilots.

A flight from London Gatwick to Palma in Majorca is filmed from entering the cockpit to landing safely in Palma. All the controls and systems are looked at very carefully. Aircraft preparation, starting the engines, taxiing and the take-off are all explained, paying particular attention to the noises and vibrations experienced by passengers during flight.

Once the 'flight' is airborn the pilots show how both bad weather and other aircraft can be detected from within the cockpit and avoided.

A night time arrival into Palma is flown with a perfect landing made by Captain Jessica Curd on to runway 24.

This presentation shows just how controlled and incredibly safe modern commercial flying is.

Millions of passengers are unable to travel by air because their phobia dominates their life; because they are not aware of the facts about flying and how anyone can cure their fear of flying; don't let that happen to you.


Bonus 1 - E-mail support to answer any questions you may have about flight and airline operations.

Bonus 2 - Access to the personal mobile telephone number of Captain Jonathan Curd who will be happy to take your call when he is not flying to answer your questions personally.

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DVD plays on US machines as well as rest of the world..

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