Flying With Children

Many parents often worry about flying with children. They'll often think up a nightmare of children running up and down the aisles disturbing everyone along their paths. Or maybe your fear is that your child might get frightened by the idea of flying that it might even be difficult to get him or her on the plane.

Well, this page will give you great information to help have a wonderful flight with your children. Ideally, children who would cause a stir on a plane would be those aged between 4 and 12. Children younger than that will usually stay by your side and you won't have to worry too much about them. Teenagers are normally in their own worlds so you rarely get trouble from them.

The most important part of your flight will be to plan. Planning will involve scheduling and making sure that things happen on time and the way they should happen when its time to take your flight. Children between 4 and 12 usually have high energies and it's going to be difficult to work with them if they find themselves in a disorganized state with you. Do your best to plan everything right.

Then talk to your children. Tell them what's going to happen before the flight and on the flight. Tell them that certain actions are not welcome on the flight. It might be fine to tell silly jokes in the back of your family car but tell them that it's wrong on the flight. Tell them what to expect. Some airplanes will be noisy especially when taking off so tell them about that too. If they know what to expect and how to react to it, there's a greater chance you're going to enjoy your flight.

Take plenty of snacks on the flight. No one likes to hear a child constantly complain about being hungry on a flight especially in the night. Have them drink enough liquids too to avoid dehydration but not so much that they are running to and from the toilet. However, this might occur since the air in airline cabins is usually drier than regular Earth air. For more information about this go to our Dehydration page.

Make your children tired. As ironic as that seems it will be a great help on the flight. If you children just feel like sleeping or staying slumped on the flight you're going to have a great flight. Take walks with them before the flight. Don't let them stay seated in one spot especially if they just had a large meal. Let them wear themselves out.

Children easily get bored and when they do they try to find something to do even of it means disturbing people on the flight. Bring books and movies on the flight. The in-flight movie might not be entertaining for children so take a potable DVD player if you have one or spend some money buying one. Buy a movie at the airport and tell them that they'll watch it on the plane. That will keep them seated. You can bring books on the flight too.

Children are rarely afraid of activities like getting on a plane. But if yours are, just tell them what to expect and tell them that it is safe. They don't have to be afraid and tell them you'll be right by their side. Flying with children doesn't have to be a nightmare, with planning and preparing you'll find yourself enjoying the best flight possible with your children.