Air Rage

Air rage is a reaction people give when they are under extreme stress which may include physical and/or psychological pressure. But air rage can be caused by other activities too such as uncontrolled drinking, excessive use of drugs, or just tiredness and lack of sleep from traveling for so long. Air rage is a reaction anyone can give when they're body feels like it has to release some stress.

Air rage could result in anything from violent verbal protests on the airline to shoving airline personnel and fighting neighbors. Air rage can be compared to road rage - where anybody can become angry and stressed when traffic is slow, it's hot, and you're hungry and tired. Although air rage doesn't happen on every flight, it does happen on some flights. Anyone can have air rage including you, your children, your neighbour and even airline personnel.

This web page will help you help yourself and help others avoid air rage. Everyone wants to have a safe and secure flight and get to their destination as soon as possible and avoiding air rage is a great first step to take.

Because air rage is caused by stress, it is important that you avoid being stressed at any time on the airline. You may be late for a meeting, your flight might have been late, you may not have the best seat, but you need to avoid air rage for the safety of yourself, your neighbours, and for the safety of the flight crew too.

If you know you're going to have a long flight, say 10 hours or more, carry items that will keep you relaxed. Carry a blanket to keep yourself warmer or to sleep better on the flight. You may also carry warm clothes, a pillow, good books to read, games to play, DVD movies to watch, and good snacks to keep your tummy full. Hunger can easily cause air rage.

Before boarding the plane, make friends with some people in the waiting room. Talking to somebody is a great way to release stress for both parties. Talk and share ideas. Soon you may find yourself talking to more that one person and you could form a small support group. You could also sit together if that's possible. Every person will feel better and safer when traveling with someone they've just met and have gotten to know even if it's just for a little while.

Always have the right attitude on the airline. A negative attitude quickly spreads around your area and only brings more negativity. A smile and a hello are good for everybody. Plan in your head what you should do in case certain scenarios should occur. Be ready but always have a positive attitude.

A positive attitude will work great for the flight crew too. Informing the passengers about what is going on and appeasing them when they have problems is another great way to maintain a positive and peaceful atmosphere. Be wary of passengers who are excessive drinkers because you might have trouble with them. Set a specific limit to the number of alcoholic drinks someone can have and state that it is the airline's policy.

The best person to prevent air rage is you. If you have a great positive attitude, people will respond positively to it. Even if someone shoves you for a seat just move along and smile. He or she will end up feeling embarassed and will calm down. Also, if you notice someone who appears to be ready to cause trouble on the airline, inform the flight crew immediately.