Combating Jet Lag

Jet Lag Can Happen to Anyone

Jet lag is something that anybody can get no matter how old or young, no matter how healthy or unhealthy they are. Jet lag is the tiredness you feel mainly due to lack of sleep on a long flight. While lack of sleep is the main cause, sitting in the same position for 5 hours or more will increase jet lag.

Get a Good Nights Sleep

While there really is no way to avoid jetlag on an airline except through comfortable sleep, there are ways of combating it so it doesn't affect as much. First of all, it should be pointed out that, if you can get some sleep on the airline when you're supposed to be asleep on Earth, then try to get some sleep. Even if you only sleep for a half the time you'd do on land, you'll reduce your jet lag by a great amount.

Jet lag is worse if you have an important function immediately you land. Family parties and business meetings are examples of such functions. Make sure you plan your flight before you leave. Try as best you can to have all your personal and business affairs in order before you leave. You should also get a good night's sleep before leaving. If you're flying during the night, get a good day's sleep anyway.

Eat and Drink Well

Eat enough food before you leave. Drink plenty of water too. Avoid drinking liquids such as tea and coffee because they don't hydrate your body that well. Avoid drinking alcohol because it does not hydrate your body. The air on air planes is very dry and being dehydrated will prevent you from falling asleep.

Get Plenty of Exercise

You should also get plenty of exercise before you leave. Your muscles should be breathing with energy and should not be stiff. You don't have to do some massive anaerobic exercise, all you need to do is take a good walk or a good jog. Let your muscles be alive and falling asleep on the airline will be easier.

Plan Ahead

Try to determine how long your flight before you leave. Call your travel agent if you have to and determine how many hours you'll be traveling. By doing this you can determine when you'll need to be asleep and when you can stay awake. You might want to carry an extra clock to determine the "constant time" because if you're going to cross time zones, your sense of time is very likely to get disoriented.

Bring sleeping aids on the flight too. Sleeping aids such as ear plugs, blind folds, and pillows will help you sleep faster. Rest your legs if you can. Take your shoes off and put on some sleepers for more comfort while you sleep.

Refresh Yourself

Some very long flights have stops where you can take a shower. Taking a shower will refresh your mind and body and you'll be able to recover from jet lag faster or even less effect of jet lag. After the shower, take a good walk and stretch a little to get your blood "moving" again.
Jet lag not only makes you feel tired but it makes you feel disoriented, you suffer from a lack of concentration and motivation too. Jet lag can ruin your vacation, your business meeting, or whatever plans you have after the flight. Following the tips above will help you feel better after the flight and get on with your plans.


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