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Fear of Flying Classes in your own home with our DVD...

Understand the secrets of...
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Fear of Flying Help
The Fear of Flying has simply gone away for Ad Executive Neil Scaife... Neil Scaife Testimonial
"As a senior advertising executive I have to fly often. The feeling of dread leading up to the flight, and the overwhelming anxiety during it were excruciating.

My session with CTRN was extraordinary. No need to Face Fear Of Flying, just a fast enjoyable process and the fear was completely and permanently gone. Highly recommended if you are now serious about getting rid of the fear of flying forever."

More details about CTRN...

More testimonials...

"I have a BA degree in Psychology yet could never get a handle on my personal phobia... Once I started your program, I found your approach of breaking negative stimulus links and building new ones made perfect sense to me... I'm glad I put you to the test
because in three days I took back
a freedom that had been gone
for 15 years." Howard S,
Oviedo, FL

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Packed full of resources, tips, advice, freebies, competitions, and downloads.
Change your mind - Change your life!

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Complete list of phobias... fear-of-flying-help

The Most Comprehensive
Phobia List Around!

There are many hundreds of named phobias,
and this is the most complete phobia list of which we know.

Click here to see a full list of phobias... fear-of-flying-help
Click here to see our complete phobia list fear-of-flying-help

Fear of Flying Classes...

Fear of Flying Classes are held by demand, for approximately 20-30 people at a time. The class is split into four main sections and will take about 6 hours.

Four Sections:

1. Aerodynamics and characteristics of flight

Aerodynamics of flight

Understanding how aircraft fly, pilot training and procedures, cabin crew roles and tasks, safety issues, security basics and statistics.

2. Understanding Fear

Understanding fear of Flying

Then we take an indepth look into the subject of fear itself. We look at why phobias are created, why anxiety develops about flying and look at ways to banish these fears for good.

With all this knowledge, information and recognition of your particular fear you will then discuss solutions and overcome your fear of flying through encouragement and guidance.

3. Flight Simulation

Flight Simulation Classes

We then prepare you for a short flight simulation lasting approximately 30 minutes. Whilst not mandatory, we do recommend you take it up. It is an opportunity for you to put into practice some of the techniques gained from the previous learning. The team are with you for support and to explain what is happening during the flight.

4. Class Summary & Flight Discussion

Overcome your Fear of Flying

After the flight we gather and discuss the simulation plus we re-cap on the days learning and achievements.

Class notes, techniques and statistics are available for you to take away at the end of the day.

To Register for Fear of Flying Classes...

To book your place, complete the form below and within 7 days send a cheque made payable to "Plane Information" then post to:

Plane Information
Crawley Exchange
Gatwick Road
West Sussex
RH10 9RZ
United Kingdom

Book Your Place on the Next Class:

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly to confirm your reservation. Upon receipt of your cheque payment we will issue a receipt and dates and times of your next available class.

Should you not be able to attend on this date we will either hold your place for the next available class or offer a full refund.

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The Fee

The cost of the one day “Fear of Flying Help Class is £195 per person and includes the flight simulation and all refreshments.

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