New Yorker Press Release

The New Yorker - 30th June 2003

June 30th, 2003

How does a diminutive ad, annexed to some of the finest prose, leap off the page to change lives all over the world? Seymour Segnit is finding that his company’s bold promise —  freedom from fears and phobias forever — gives readers good reason to pause.

“ If you’re like most people suffering from a classic phobia, you may assume it takes months, or even years, to overcome,” says Mr. Segnit, president of Change That’s Right Now, Inc. “We help our clients quickly, pleasantly, and usually by phone. Most are happy to find their problem completely gone in a matter of hours.”

Specialists in a fast-growing discipline called Time Line Therapy™, Change That’s Right Now helps clients to break through daunting problems such as fear of public speaking and social anxiety by giving them the tools necessary to release negative emotions fast. The company’s global practitioner base is so confident about its drug-free techniques that it guarantees the results. Permanently.

Seven-time World Marathon swimming champion Shelley Taylor-Smith was out of snyc in front of an audience. “Public speaking is a key part of my work, but with days to go before a major presentation I was lost and nervous,” she recalls. “After my session with Change That’s Right Now, I wasn’t just over my fear, I was inspired to deliver a really great speech—which it was.”


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